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Welcome to the patient portal login page for De Lucia Advance Practice LLC.

Have you ever been away from home and in need of medical care? Instead of undergoing needless tests, your doctor will be able to send and receive information about you to other doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies. With access to your complete medical information, provided by the cutting-edge technology of an EHR system, patients will be able to receive quick, safe and appropriate medical care.

What the CureMD EHR System Can Do For You:

Improve the quality of your medical care by providing your doctor with information to diagnose and prevent disease

Save you time checking in with office reception

Send you an online reminder about your office appointments and tests

Eliminate the need for you to fill out the same medical history forms at another doctor's office

Allow you to schedule or reschedule your appointments online

Provide you with a way to communicate directly online with your doctor

Send prescription and prescription renewals directly to your pharmacy from your doctors office

Give you the results of your laboratory or X-ray tests online

Give your doctor the ability to communicate with other specialists to develop a treatment plan and coordinate your medical care

Reduce errors in paperwork that sometimes occur in the office